October 21, 2022

When Basement Water Damage Occurs and What to Do About It

When Basement Water Damage Occurs and What to Do About It

Recognizing water damage in your basement is crucial because it may affect other elements of your home, including the basement structure, foundation, and it could result in health issues from undetected mold. Preventing water damage in your basement includes knowing what to recognize when it occurs. Some signs people notice and don't think much of until it's too late. The following details provide information about basement water damage and what to do if you suspect it in your home.

Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

Dealing with water damage in your basement includes identifying signs when it occurs. Sometimes homeowners don't realize their basement is at risk for other problems, even if the water damage is minor. Homeowners should consider if their basement has water damage if you inspect your basement and notice the following:

Drywall or carpet in the basement looks wet

You have appliances that malfunction or have water leaking from faulty pipes

Water is coming in from the outside

Appearance of condensation

Sometimes when a carpet or drywall collects moisture, it's caused by water damage. When severely damaged, the drywall may appear with mold stains, brown-yellow discoloration, dampness, and a musty odor.

When Water Damage Leads to Structural Damage

Sometimes a structure can appear damp, and you may assume it's something minor. It's common for people to have a window or door in the basement that's challenging to open, but it could be a sign of an underlying problem. Structural damage could include problems you can't see, but it may be related to things more noticeable such as the following:

Electrical outlets that collect moisture or seem wet

Rust coming from cracks

Cracks in the foundation or wood structures

Gas line, wires, or pipes with damage or corrosion

Damp insulation

Hard to open windows or doors

There could be other reasons why structural damage occurs in the home, but sometimes it can be caused by water damage. A structure such as a wall could be compromised if water damage is severe. Hiring a professional water removal company is essential to addressing structural damage as quickly as possible.

What Are Basement Water Damage Risks?

If water damage is ignored, it could lead to more severe problems for the homeowner, including health issues, electrical problems, costly repairs, and negatively affecting your home value.

Mold is a common cause of health issues that develop when water damage is a problem. When mold forms, it creates symptoms such as skin rashes, itchy red eyes, coughing, runny nose, and respiratory issues. These problems magnify for people with asthma, who can also experience chest tightening, shortness of breath, and wheezing. To resolve these concerns, mold removal from the home is necessary.

Water damage can pose a severe safety risk to electrical systems in your home. Water damage can damage electrical wires causing problems such as power surges and short-circuiting. Devices and appliances in your home could also become damaged. Water damage that's ignored or untreated can make damages more costly because they worsen over time. Homeowners often pay more for repairs as a result of ignoring the issue.

The value of your home could be affected by putting off repairs for too long. The more water damage, the more the value of your home decreases. Types of water damage such as shifted walls, mold, cracked foundation, damaged flooring, and warped walls and ceilings can negatively impact your home's value. It is essential to identify the damage, contact a professional water restoration service, and get the repairs done thoroughly and as soon as possible.

Water damage in your basement can pose serious to severe problems to your health, basement, home value, and measures necessary to remedy the situation when ignored or put off. When you identify an issue, contact professional water damage restoration services for an inspection. Water damage experts can provide a detailed solution to correct damages and offer remedial services, including water and mold detection and prevention.

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