April 12, 2022

What do our CORE Values Mean for our Teams and Customers?

What do our CORE Values Mean for our Teams and Customers?

It isn’t just the work we do that makes CORE a first choice for so many customers, it is how we work. To us, it’s easy to go into someone’s home or job site and produce amazing physical results for customers. With the right expertise and tools anything is possible, but what makes us different is how we get jobs done, and we believe that if you don’t bring both of those aspects to the table it isn’t worth working together.

By being an advocate for both our contractor teams AND our customers, we strike an even balance between making sure our teams are happy and provided for and delivering amazing results while we do it.

We live by our CORE values and they can be seen in virtually every aspect of our work. We pride ourselves in how every member of our organization conducts themselves professionally and in their personal lives. Our board puts potential new members of CORE through a rigorous vetting period to make sure their actions and beliefs line up with our CORE values.

From communication through email to worksite etiquette, we live and breathe the following values:

    1.We believe in delivering REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES through every interaction

    2.We seek CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in who we are and all that we do

    3.We are PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE and know that we are in the business of improving lives

    4.We are FEARLESS in our commitment to excellence

    5.We embrace INNOVATION and encourage imaginative thinking

    6.We recognize that we are PART OF A COLLECTIVE, and that our actions have a meaningful impact on the world

We challenge others in our industry to live by the same values. Everyone in our industry is a reflection on us and the incredible work our teams can do. When we set aside greed and focus more on integrity, everyone benefits from a superior job completed and overall happiness of our teams.

How can CORE impact the quality of your team’s satisfaction in their jobs and dedication to the craft? How can CORE increase productivity and improve outcomes on the projects you are currently working on? Learn more about our memberships and the benefits we provide to our teams today, or contact a member of our corporate team to hear about the incredible improvement CORE can make in your business.

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