July 8, 2022

Unexpected Things that can Cause Water Damage in your Home

Unexpected Things that can Cause Water Damage in your Home

Everyone has heard the horror stories about water damage coming from the usual suspects in their home. Incidents like a burst pipe, flooding in their area, or appliances overflowing are unfortunately all too common when it comes to water damage. But did you know there are other unexpected ways your home can sustain water damage that aren’t as common? Learning about risks present throughout your home that can cause this damage, will help you be better prepared to prevent them.


If your gutters aren’t doing their job, water can run from your roof into your windows, walls, or basement. It is good practice to clean out your gutters every fall or spring to remove unwanted debris from clogging up the system. If a clog does occur, it can cause water in your gutters to spill over the sides or even rust out your gutters, leading to an even more expensive problem. It may be an undesirable task, but cleaning out your gutters can help prevent water damage in the future.


When dealing with one tragic event, many times another accompanies it. When a fire breaks out in your home, water is used to put it out. While this can help save your home from further damage, many times water damage occurs as well. While both of these events are unlikely, they unfortunately go hand-in-hand.

Refrigerator Water Lines

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold glass of filtered water right out of the fridge? Or maybe you love the convenience of perfect ice cubes on demand at any time from your freezer! These modern conveniences may be a great asset to your home and life, but unfortunately water lines in refrigerators are notorious for breaking or leaking. These leaks, while usually small, can accumulate water over time. This accumulation can cause bigger issues when left unfixed for long periods of time.

Water damage can occur at any time in your home. Although sometimes unavoidable, it is important to know where this damage can come from and how to fix it after the damage has happened. Don’t let water damage ruin your home! Call a member of the water restoration team to learn more about the services we can provide to help restore your home!

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