May 20, 2022

Signs That You May Have Mold in Your Home

Signs That You May Have Mold in Your Home

When most people think of mold, they think of moldy food, moldy bathroom fixtures, or mold on the exterior of homes and rocks. However, there are many more indicators of mold in your home than just the regular visual cues. If you are experiencing coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, headaches, or nausea for extended periods of time while you are in your home, it is time to call a professional to see if you may have a mold issue within the walls of your home

Coughing & Sneezing

If you have mold growing in your home, you may be coughing or sneezing more than usual. This is from your immune system working on overdrive to fight off the mold spores that may now be in your lungs and air ways. These pathogens are bad for your body and coughing and sneezing is a side effect of your body working hard to protect itself.

Eye Irritation

Are your eyes more itchy or watery than usual? This reaction can sometimes be mistaken for allergies this time of year, but if these symptoms persist it could be because of mold in your home. Similar to the coughing and sneezing reaction, eye irritation is caused by your body working to protect itself from this harmful substance in the air.


When your respiratory system is irritated by mold spores in the air, it can also cause your sinuses to be aggravated. Aggravated sinuses can cause someone to have a pounding or prolonged headache that can last for days. Do you notice your head feeling tighter when you are in a certain area of your home? That could be because you are being exposed to mold spores.


One of the most severe symptoms, nausea, can occur if someone has a severe case of mold poisoning. This symptom shouldn’t be ignored. Not only should you call a professional mold remediator at this point, but you should also seek medical care to make sure further damage hasn’t been done by the mold your body is trying to fight off.

Having mold in your house can be just a minor issue in some instances, or a major problem that impacts your health. Calling a professional right away when you sense there is a problem can prevent major health implications for you and your family. Our team of mold remediation experts can help you gain control of your home so it can once again be a safe space for everyone who walks through the front door. Call us today to learn more!

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