July 1, 2022

Four Signs You Need to Call Someone About That Water Damage

Four Signs You Need to Call Someone About That Water Damage

We’ve all heard the saying from our parents, “If you make the mess, you clean it up”. That may be true in most messes or cluttered spaces around your home, but when it comes to water damage, sometimes it’ss best not to clean it up yourself.

Some small plumbing leaks or water spills may be fine to clean up by yourself, but if you notice discoloration; crunchy or matted carpet; a musty or unpleasant smell; or if you find members of your household constantly coughing, sneezing, or being congested; it is definitely time to call in a professional to help restore your home after water damage.

Water stains are a normal part of nature. You can see them along bridges, on sidewalks, or other places around your home. However, if you notice discoloration on the floors or walls of your house you may be dealing with severe water damage. Luckily, a professional can tell you if the water stains around your home are active leaks or if they have been fixed in the past! Keep an eye on water stains in your home.   If they seem to be getting bigger or darker, call a professional right away.

Have you ever spilled something small on a spot in your carpet and notice the texture just isn’t the same until you shampoo it out? The same goes with water damage. A change in texture could be an indicator that water damage has occurred in that spot. Even if you are able to restore that area of carpet, there may be more damage beneath the carpet in the padding. This water damage can turn into mold or mildew without anyone ever noticing it.

A lingering musty or wet smell in your home could be the result of previous water damage that wasn’t restored properly. Small particles of mold or mildew can be growing in areas that were previously wet in your house and are producing that recognizable smell. Most commonly found in basements, this smell can impact how often you use the area of your home or if you use it at all! Finding the root of the issue and addressing it is the only way to rid your home of that musty odor.

One of the biggest reasons you should have a professional come to your home due to water damage is when your health is taking a toll. Do you find yourself or your loved ones coughing, sneezing, or being congested for long periods of time for no reason? This could be due to mold and mildew growing within your home and the spores from these growths impacting your immune system. It may seem like a minor cold or even allergies, but if these symptoms don’t disappear after a while, it might be time to call in a professional.

When it comes to restoring your home after water damage, the best choice is to always trust a professional. Our team of water restoration specialists can help your family reclaim your home for a more comfortable lifestyle again. Call us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help!

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