June 24, 2022

Fire Safety During National Safety Month

Fire Safety During National Safety Month

House fires don’t discriminate on the day, month, or season - they can happen at any time. While fire safety is an important plan to have in all homes, it is important to revisit and update the plans you have in place to make sure your family is the safest they can be.

June is National Safety Month which encourages people around the country to stop and think of ways to make their homes and workplaces safer for those around them. This June, take time to consider your family’s emergency plans, evaluate current fire hazards in your home, and find new options to reduce your risk of fire hazards in the future. This month of reflection could end up saving your family’s home and lives.

Does everyone in your family know the plan if a house fire were to break out in your home morning, noon, or night? Having an emergency or escape plan when a house fire strikes could save you and your family from disaster. Make sure to discuss possible escape routes depending on where a fire could break out. Having multiple options can help your family feel at ease and more confident in an emergency. It is also important to establish a safe meeting space away from your home for everyone to gather after escaping. This can help minimize chaos and confusion in high-stress times and determine if anyone is still stuck inside.

An unsafe fireplace, old space heaters, or dangerous use of candles and open flames could all be contributing to the fire risk in your home. Take 30 minutes to walk around your home and look at electrical components, heating elements, and open flames. These common household objects could all increase your chances of having a house fire. Consider upgrading some of these features in your house to more efficient and safe options.

Upgrading appliances and electrical outlets in your house could not only save you money in the long run through utilities, but also in the safety of your family. Do you find yourself plugging in too many cords to the outlets or power strip at once? Or is your heating system in your home just not performing like it should? Simple electric and appliance updates can help keep your home safe and more comfortable.

Fire safety should always be a top priority in everyone’s home, but revisiting plans in the month of June could help you and your family stay safe for another year.

Unfortunately, fire isn’t always preventable. If you or someone you know has been impacted by a fire or fire damage in their home, call our team of fire restoration professionals today to work towards repairing and restoring your home back to its original glory.

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