April 29, 2022

CORE Celebrates National Rebuilding Day

CORE Celebrates National Rebuilding Day

Every year on the last Saturday of April, communities around the United States celebrate National Rebuilding Day. On this day, thousands of volunteers work together to repair and restore homes in their area for families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

This national holiday began in 1973 in a small Texas town when community members realized that they could help their neighbors maintain, fix, and create homes that they could be comfortable and safe in for years to come.

When homes sit in disrepair for an extended period of time, not only does the problem tend to get worse but it can also impact other areas of the home that are no longer protected. This can lead to even more damage and an even bigger bill for families who couldn’t afford the initial repair in the first place.

National Rebuilding Day allows for homes and families to avoid severe issues within their home by addressing smaller problems earlier on, rather than letting it get worse. The smallest patch, repair, or replacement can mean many more years of a family being safe in their home.

Being a volunteer for National Rebuilding Day doesn’t require you to be a general contractor or professional carpenter. Can you wield a hammer? Run a drill, saw, nail gun? Do you know how to add a fresh coat of paint to give a space a fresh look? Or do you even know how to weed a garden, plant a tree, or mow the grass? Then you can make a difference during National Rebuilding Day in your neighborhood!

Volunteering is a great way to be an active member of your community and show your children the impact they can make, even if it is on a small scale. Whether you donate your time and skill or make a monetary donation, consider giving back to your community in a way that works best for you!

CORE is dedicated to our communities and knows the impact that a safe, clean, and comfortable home can have on a family. That’s why our organization is dedicated to bringing the best services and outcomes to our clients.

Communities are better and safer for all when everyone has safe place to live. Please join us in recognizing National Rebuilding Day and contributing to the work done in your community at the end of April.

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